Our Team

maysservices (1)The Medical Director reviews the patient and family’s plan of care and offers guidance and support for continued care. The Medical Director does not take the place of the patient’s primary physician who continues to care for the patient.

Registered Nurses visit the patient to assess physical needs (pain, fatigue, alertness, restlessness, depression, etc.). The nurse keeps in contact with the physician and family members to continually update the plan of care as the disease progresses.

Certified Nurses Assistants assist with patients’ personal care which may include bathing, dressing, hair care, shaving, skin care, linen changes, etc.

Social Workers visit with the patient and the family to offer emotional support, assist with planning for hired caregivers and funeral arrangements, provide information on Living Wills and/or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

Chaplains assess for spiritual needs and/or distress, provide opportunity for expression of beliefs, fears and hopes, provides access to religious resources.

Bereavement Care is provided for the family for a period of 13 months, longer if needed.

Volunteers, Durable Medical Equipment Providers, Pharmacists, and other community service providers also serve on the Team.


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